Brik Vintage Launch

Brik Vintage Launch

We have finally launched our online vintage shop Brik Vintage and welcome to our new website. 

The team behind Brik Vintage have been working in the vintage fashion industry for quite some time and are part of the team behind 20th Century Vintage in Stockport. 

For a number of years we have have the physical vintage shop and also sold through channels such as Depop and eBay. We are happy to embrace new ways to reach our customers but we felt that we needed a stand alone website. 

Whilst the selection of product on the site reflects what we sell in-store and through the other digital channels, it is a totally unique and curated selection of premium vintage fashion. 

With everything from Burberry jackets, vintage leathers, Barbour all the way through to vintage workwear we are hoping you will find the new collection as exciting and interesting as we find it. 

Vintage clothing is a passion we all share with out customers and you will see the collection grow and develop over the next few months. 

Exciting times ahead for everyone and we hope you enjoy shopping with us. 

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